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The First Amendment: freedom with responsibility

As a history buff, I’ve always been fascinated by the Constitution.But after joining this newspaper, my interest skyrocketed. I reread the document, determined to truly understand it. Why? Because lately, everyone seems to be an expert on the Constitution, especially those who demonstrably aren’t. Leaders we expect to be informed often misunderstand what it protects and doesn’t. This widespread confusion […]

Will the US electric grid handle AI’s growth?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming industries, yet the energy required to fuel it is often overlooked.The electrical energy consumed in data centers powering AI platforms is enormous, pushing the limits of the nation’s energy infrastructure. Data centers are needed to house the expansion of the digital network, which includes cloud computing platforms, data storage and processing, online content delivery, e-commerce, […]

Mike Kaczmarek: Recognizing the efforts of the highway department

Hello constituents. On June 17, the board of equalization met to hear any property owners’ issues with their assessed property values. There are about 70,000 parcels of property in Wright County. The board heard from one landowner in person. His matter was resolved at the meeting. I want to recognize the Wright County Highway Department for its quick response to […]


They hand you this tiny person, all wrinkled and squalling, and suddenly you’re a dad.  I have said this before but it really does hit you at that moment. A wave of emotions washes over you – love, pride, and a healthy dose of sheer terror.  Fatherhood doesn’t come with a manual, and let’s be honest, even if it did, […]

Delano amateur writers series presents: Commitment, a lasting lesson from the Vietnam protests

It was Wednesday morning in late April, 1970, and I had just settled at my desk at IBM when secretary Suzy charged into my office, “Tom, Dean Kopley is on the phone for you. Says it’s urgent.” As always, he jumped into whatever he had to say without even taking a breath. “Called to tell you that this Thursday night […]

Letter to the Editor: Tom Emmer’s truth and consequences

Our congressional Representative Tom Emmer only has one truth, that he is an unwavering disciple of Donald Trump. For Mr. Emmer, this truth means keeping his exalted position in the GOP. For some voters, his unquestioning devotion to Donald Trump is the only truth that matters. In our election this fall, I hope that many voters will seriously consider that […]

On Welcoming: Showing up

It’s often said that “with age comes wisdom.” One bit of wisdom I’ve slowly come to understand is that “showing up” in life is important, really important. Showing up can involve accepting an anniversary/birthday invitation even though there will be few people there that you know, sticking with a volunteer commitment even when it’s inconvenient or taxing, or attending the […]

Mike Kaczmarek: Wright County Sheriff’s Office purchases questioned

At the June 4 board meeting, a commissioner asked that three claims forwarded from the sheriff’s office be removed from the consent agenda to question their “public purpose.” The board chair said that he would move the items to the end of the meeting to give the sheriff’s staff, who were present, time to consider their replies. Commissioners and finance […]

A collaborative telegraph network

In 1832, Samuel Morse considered the making of an electric telegraph while on board a ship returning to New York City from Europe. Despite lacking formal electrical training, from 1835 to 1836, Morse developed a working telegraph model that transmitted information via electrical pulses over a pair of wires, as using a single wire with an earth-ground return path was […]

Sweet reward or just desserts

A while back, I talked about planning a graduation party. I told you that we had a wonderful, awful idea of having a party where we went out on a limb and did what we wanted. We flipped the script and had a just desserts graduation party. Half of you are saying to yourself that it was stupid and you […]

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