Two housing developments on Tuesday, Oct. 16, council agenda

DELANO, MN – A total of 352 residential lots could be developed in Delano if two proposals going before Delano City Council at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 16, come to fruition.

The council will first consider a planned unit development from Hartman Communities LLC to develop 208 acres known as McKinley Residential PUD at the corner of Davidson Avenue and Wright County Road 30.

The McKinley Residential PUD and preliminary plat was first approved in 2005, but the final plat was never developed.

Now, Hartman Communities is seeking guidance on site design and land-use configuration for the property to proceed to future PUD development stage and final stage.

Secondly, the council will consider a concept plan review for 68.11 acres located along County Road 16, immediately east of the Fox Meadows subdivision.

The council first approved an annexation request for the land, known as the Gerard farm, in January.

Now, the city has received an amended single-family concept plan for the site which attempts to address the issues that were raised in the initial concept plan review.

The council and City Planner Alan Brixius will review the plans for the property called Laketown Homes.

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  1. blb says:

    352 housing units, Hwy 12 death trap cant handle the current traffic. Delano’s out dated sewer plant is in need of major upgrading in near future. The cities public works dept. cant keep up with roads, parks, cleaning of current drainage basins etc. How can we add this many housing units? Not to even mention the school issues. Maybe some more office interns will help out. lets get the current town in order before getting any bigger Despite what the City Administration will tell you “development does not pay for itself” look at the City take over of the “much needed” industrial park. Take a drive out there and look at all the new buildings…..

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