Smoky fire on Darrow Ave SE caused by mower

DELANO- Delano Fire Chief Bob Van Lith confirmed Monday morning that a lawn mower was the cause behind his department being called out to a shed on Darrow Avenue Friday.
Van Lith said the mower, which had just been used, had cables attached to the battery at the time of the incident. He reported the cables melted and burned off the mower by the time the department arrived on the scene.
“Nothing got going,” Van Lith said, noting nothing else caught fire during the incident. The Delano Fire Department was on scene for approximately an hour and a half. Van Lith said there was considerable smoke and heat damage inside the shed. He indicated the shed wall by the mower was charred, and that five vehicles in the shed were “smoked up.”
The Watertown Fire Department provided mutual aid.

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