Planning commission to consider allowing chickens


Should chickens be allowed within Delano city limits?

The Delano Planning Commission will consider that question at its Monday, June 8, meeting and make a recommendation for the Delano City Council to consider at its Tuesday, June 16, meeting.

Councilman Jon Sutherland brought the matter to the council Tuesday evening, after hearing from several residents.

“I think it would generate some good discussion,” said Sutherland, who referenced other cities that allow chickens.

City Administrator Phil Kern told the council members that they could initiate the process to consider a zoning amendment that would allow chickens, or a resident could request a zoning ordinance, but would have to pick up the cost to do so.

“Very rarely do we get requests from residents seeking a zoning amendment,” Kern said.

The council unanimously voted to initiate the process.

“I would like it to go to the planning commission to make sure we have proper protections in place for neighbors, landlords, and animals, that they’re well cared for and in good condition,” Councilwoman Betsy Moran said.

Kern noted that the council last took official action to deny the presence of chickens in 2011, but also had informal discussions during workshops four years ago and opted not to pursue the matter further.

“Now, we can go through the process,” Mayor Dale Graunke said. “They can check ordinances and go from there.”

“I’m interested in cities our size and other cities that have successful programs,” Councilwoman Holly Schrupp said.

For more coverage of the meeting, see the Friday, May 8, edition of the Delano Herald Journal.


  1. Brad W says:

    Many of the families in our neighborhood in Delano are pro chickens, and would love to have chickens and fresh eggs in their own backyards. Being able to raise chickens at home not only supplies fresh food for our families, but also allows the kids firsthand experience in seeing what it takes to care for the birds and seeing the rewards of that work. Many cities have successfully allowed residents to have backyard chickens, and I believe Delano can too!

  2. Marty Howes says:

    I do not support raising of chickens in the city of Delano. Some problems for close neighbors without chickens are – odor, unsightly chicken coops and noise to just name a few. When you live in town, there are other people to consider other than your own wants. As far as regulations, how would you enforce that? Right now, there are only supposed to be 2 dogs per household and that is definitely not enforced.

  3. blb says:

    If the city moves forward with this they better set up some very stringent guidelines. Neighbors on all sides of applicants home must agree in writing, all chickens need to be in some sort of enclosure , all complaints investigated and dealt with asap. All persons having chickens have to be assed on a yearly basis as neighbors change and problems develop. Families now are not abiding by the limit on dogs and proper care as to cleaning up afterwards. Not a good idea you want to have chickens move to the country.

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