Parents raise concerns at Delano School Board meeting

DELANO, MN – For more than two hours Monday evening, parents grilled the Delano School Board regarding Critical Race Theory, comprehensive sex education, politics, and other topics that have raised concerns for them.

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  1. T.H. says:

    The hysteria resulting from rumors started by people in town with bad information is nothing short of ridiculous and shameful.

  2. CH says:

    People need to spend more time raising their kids and less time watching conservative news, they are poisoning their minds

  3. Rob says:

    CH i suppose you’d recommend CNN? Because that’s any different.

  4. CH says:

    Thanks for proving my point Rob, they have you hook line and sinker! I avoid all news as it’s mostly all bad but anyone who can say there’s nothing wrong with Trump with a smile on their face is poisoning everyone who not just watches them but actually buys into what they say. Americas history is Americas history and anyone who wants to censor that history because it’s not all sunshine and unicorns is a coward

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