Open debate at Delano Library Tuesday, Oct. 26

The Delano Library is organizing what looks to be a great community conversation, sponsored by “Braver Angels,” the organization that works to bring “reds” and “blues” together for highly structured, civil conversations about topics that tend to be divisive.
Braver Angels leaders serve as facilitators and encourage multiple points of view.  You can attend as an observer, ask questions if they arise for you or plan to make a comment. It should be a fascinating event as Braver Angels debates aren’t focused on winning or losing, but instead on expanding everyone’s thinking as they hear others’ points of view.
The resolution for the debate, beginning at 7 PM on Tuesday, October 26th is:
“The Delano School Board should ban teaching or promoting any theory or concept that holds social problems are created by racist or patriarchal social structures or systems.”

Just below is the link to the Braver Angels website where you can read more and register for the event. There is no charge. Folks outside the Delano area are welcome to participate. Feel free to forward this message to others who may be interested.
For questions, contact Theresa Jacobs at the Delano Library.
763 972-3467

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