MnDOT considering short-term Highway 12 fixes

DELANO, MN – Several short-term fixes, as well as one medium-term fix, are on the table for addressing safety concerns on Highway 12 east of Delano.

Amr Jabr, Minnesota Department of Transportation’s acting metro district engineer, detailed those options in a letter shared with the Highway 12 Safety Coalition.

“The recent heartbreaking tragedies that have occurred on this stretch of highway are extremely troubling to all of us at MnDOT,” Jabr wrote. “Our goal is to continually work toward zero deaths, as one death is certainly one too many. We take safety responsibility very seriously; I speak for the entire MnDOT team in saying we are deeply committed to improving safety on Highway 12 and all other highways.”

Jabr identified the following short-term options:

• Installing changeable electronic message signs on the west end of Maple Plain and east end of Delano that would be used to share important messages with motorists.

• Working to remove trees on state property near Highway 12 in an effort to improve safety by decreasing ice and snow cover in the winter, while also aiming to reduce the severity of crashes involving vehicles that leave the road.

• Exploring a speed-reduction advisory and signage for the curve east of Valley Road.

• Scheduling on-site staff visits to identify safety enhancements that can be included with the minor pavement-improvement project near Independence occurring in the spring.

Jabr also noted that, as a medium-term option, MnDOT engineers and staff are starting to scope projects that would improve the safety of Highway 12, including the addition of more median barrier, which would be a medium-term improvement.

“All of these options are still in the early stages of planning and scoping, and we will coordinate with you as plans and strategies are developed and formalized,” Jabr wrote. “Please feel free to contact me with any additional suggestions for safety improvements.”


  1. Dean Dalbec says:

    Lowerspeed limit45 delano/maple plain also divided lanes&turn lanes.road outdated 40 years.More salting sanding4 black ice before rush hour.Ruffly 9% of road tax collected used 4 roads.The other 91% goes into general fund 4 underfunded programs

  2. Thom Dieterich says:

    Lower the speed to 35 miles an hour where there is no center divider between two lanes of travel, 45 where there’s 4 lanes and no median.

    Let the public safety close highway 12 to non-commercial traffic when they see conditions are not ideal for mixed use, and encourage them to be liberal with this application of safety.

    “All of these options are still in the early stages…” I assign zero malice to Mr. Jabr, in fact I think he’s doing his best to create some good. MnDot, however, is just throwing humans into a meat grinder while they plan, scope, coordinate, and engineer. This needs to treated like an emergency.

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