Intermediate school bid $800,000 under estimate

DELANO, MN – As the Delano School Board accepted a bid from Jorgenson Construction, of Coon Rapids, for the construction of the intermediate school during Monday’s meeting, they noted the bid had come in $800,000 under the estimate for the project.
The base bid for the project is $16,299,000, plus $1,317,000 for two alternates. Those alternates are 1,045,000 for locker rooms and $272,000 for movable glass walls.
“One thing to clarify about the locker rooms is they may put more in an alternate and put less in the base bid to make it more appealing,” Superintendent Matt Schoen said after the meeting.
Board member Randy Durick noted that the glass walls were bid as an alternate to ensure the district would have an awardable bid, and that the bid for the glass walls “came in very favorably to estimates.”
Two other alternates were also discussed: $313,000 for temperature controls and a savings of $13,000 if the district utilized vitriolic pipe fittings.
“We are going to hold on controls until we get bids for the secondary school,” Schoen told the board during a work session.
The district has 60 days to act on that alternate bid.
The district is opting to have welded pipe fittings rather than vitriolic pipe fittings.
“We are dealing with (vitriolic pipe fittings) in the high school and middle school,” Schoen said during the work session. “It is not good at all. Having them welded together was in the base bid. We’d rather weld them together and not deal with leaking. We wanted to have that as a possible alternate to see what the savings would be.”
In total, eight contractors bid on the project, with the bids ranging up to $19 million.
Board member Corey Black said both Wold Engineers and Architects and ICS Consultants have worked with Jorgenson before, and consider the company to be reputable.

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