Frontier customers eligible for refunds, bill credits following settlement

ST. PAUL, MN – July 20 is the final day to apply for rebates or bill credits for past and current Frontier Communications customers. Former and current Frontier Communications customers may be eligible based on past service quality and reliability problems. Those eligible are urged to act fast because the settlement claim period, which began in April, will end July 20.

“More than two thousand Minnesotans across the state have already filed a claim for rebates or bill credits from this settlement,” said Commerce Commissioner Steve Kelley. “Many more current and former Frontier customers may be eligible and should review the settlement categories to see if they qualify. The window to make claims is open now through July.”

Applications for refund or bill credit are available online by clicking here.

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission ordered the rebates and bill credits, consistent with negotiated terms reached between the Minnesota Department of Commerce and Frontier. Customers of Frontier Communications of Minnesota, Inc. and Citizens Telecommunications of MN, LLC, collectively referred to as Frontier, should have received notice from Frontier in bill inserts and direct mail in April.

“This settlement provides some relief to those who dealt with less than adequate service,” said Commissioner Kelley.

Frontier customers from across the state came forward with concerns and complaints about Frontier’s practices, unreliable service and being overcharged for their phone service.

“It is important to note that both current and past Frontier customers may be eligible,” added Kelley.

The settlement resulted in the following categories for which a former or current Frontier customer may claim a refund or bill credit.

  • Telephone was out-of-service and not restored within 24 hours.
  • Incorrect billing for service related to vacation rate.
  • Late fees charged for phone service despite bill being paid on or before due date.
  • Frontier did not cancel telephone service upon request, resulting in additional charges.
  • Charged to receive a paper bill for telephone service.
  • Charged for three-way calling without subscribing to the service.
  • Wrongly charged for directory assistance or 411 calls.
  • Charged an early termination fee on or after Jan. 1, 2016, without having signed an agreement.
  • Inappropriately charged fees to reconnect telephone service.
  • Telephone disconnected without proper notice.
  • Refusal to install local telephone service.
  • Inability to use the telephone due to static, cross talk, or other notice.
  • Installation delay of more than three business days for primary local service line.
  • Same trouble on the same line within 30 days.
  • Frontier missed a repair appointment for telephone service.
  • Customer service representation claimed no trouble report exists from an earlier call regarding the same phone issue.

The above categories of complaint addressed a significant portion of the complaints received from Frontier’s Minnesota consumers. But, consumers should be aware that the Department is continuing to investigate a number of issues that were not settled.

Frontier Communications of Minnesota, Inc., and its affiliate, Citizens Telecommunications of Minnesota, LLC, provide telephone service to approximately 75,000 Minnesota households and businesses, as well as internet service to many more households, in many parts of Greater Minnesota and the Twin Cities metro area.

Applications for refund or bill credit are online here.


  1. Jennifer Schulte says:

    We have called several times because our internet service is less than adequate. Extremely dissatisfied.

  2. Terry cook says:

    We pay for high speed internet but only get 2-3 gigs instead of 5-6 .Were told if don’t pay for high speed would drop to one gig.

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