Delano’s former mayor Steinmetz pursuing his bucket list

After being involved with Delano-Franklin Township Area Historical Society for over 23 years, founder Jon Steinmetz stepped down from his position as president June 4. Steinmetz’s decision was based on the new perspective he’s gained since being diagnosed with leukemia in May and the recent passing of his wife Sheri in February.
In a Facebook post dated June 2, Steinmetz said the following:
“Good morning all; you may be wondering why I haven’t been posting much recently? The passing of my wife was pretty devastating, but I am determined to move forward. Last month I was diagnosed with leukemia; that really opened my eyes to the limit I have on this planet, so going to do my bucket list now and travel, and enjoy the time I have left. I hope the community will continue to support the Historical society and preserve Delano’s past. It has been a blast hanging with all of you!”

See the full story in this week’s newspaper.

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