Delano schools closed until at least March 30

DELANO, MN — Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz announced Sunday morning that all schools throughout the state will be closed from Wednesday, March 18, through Friday, March 27, due to COVID-19.

“My top priority as governor is the safety of Minnesotans,” Walz said in a statement. “As a former teacher, and father of two teenage kids, I’m especially focused on the safety of our children. I am ordering the temporary closure of schools so educators can make plans to provide a safe learning environment for all Minnesota students during this pandemic. Closing schools is never an easy decision, but we need to make sure we have plans in place to educate and feed our kids regardless of what’s to come.”

During this time, school districts are expected to prepared distance learning plans for all students, which Delano Public Schools officials will provide more detailed information about in the near future.

The local district had already planned to extend spring break through Monday to make preparations for moving forward. Following Walz’s order, local schools will also be closed Tuesday.

The current plan is for schools to reopen Monday, March 30, if circumstances allow.

More information about the district’s response to COVID-19 will appear in the March 20 edition of the Delano Herald Journal.

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