Delano School Board minutes 8/22/22

Regular Meeting of the Board of Education
Independent School District 879, Delano Public Schools
The regular meeting of the Board of Education of Independent School District 879, Delano, Minnesota, was held on Monday, Aug. 22, 2022, at Delano City Hall. The meeting was called to order by the chair at 6:15 p.m. with the following members in attendance: Seguin, Rosenow, Johnson, Gierke, Roeser, Depa. Absent: Black.
APPROVAL OF MEETING AGENDA (approved unanimously, 6-0)
Board reviewed discussion items: public comment debrief, student wellness triennial report, Covid plan update, levy referendum update, policy update, All County Safe Schools meeting.
Superintendent Matt Schoen presented a building and grounds report. Topics included upcoming projects on the school campus, and maintenance work done over the summer months.
CONSENT AGENDA (approved unanimously)
Board approved the meeting minutes from July 25, 2022; and the current budget status with year-to-date adjustments; investment transactions, CARES Act Budgets, wire transfers, Minnesota Liquid Asset Fund, cash report, revenue and expense fund totals, expense reports and disbursements.
PERSONNEL (approved unanimously)
Board approved retirements/resignations/terminations, recommendations for employment, contracted new hires, contract changes/approvals/position changes, and leaves of absence including: Retirements/Resignations/Terminations: DIS custodian, DES paraprofessional (2), CE classroom assistant, CE preschool teacher and TKC lead, DIS food service worker, DES dish machine operator, CE preschool assistance, ECFE teacher, DHS paraprofessional, girls varsity soccer coach. Recommendations for Employment: DIS custodian, DHS paraprofessional, girls varsity soccer coach, girls assistant/JV soccer coach, C team soccer coach, DHS dish machine operator, ECFE parent educator, CE program lead, assistant football coach (2), DIS webmaster, DIS Student Council co-lead, DES long-term substitute physical education teacher, TAC program assistant, DHS paraprofessional, DES dish machine operator. Contracted New Hires: Technology support specialist, ADSIS behavior skills teacher, ESL teacher, DHS special education teacher. Contract Changes/Approvals/Position Changes: MOA for Skyward coordinator stipend, DHS paraprofessional to .5 FTE ECSE teacher, DHS special education teacher to DHS alternative programs teacher. Leaves of Absence: DHS custodian, DES social worker, DHS custodian, DIS fourth-grade teacher.
No comment.
Board heard the following administrative reports: Superintendent M. Schoen reported on preparations for the school year and orientation of new staff members. K. Thompson reported on preparations for the school year, enrollment and the support of the new PIE team. B. Voight reported on enrollment, site base group analysis of the school climate survey, and a “back to basics” emphasis for the coming school year. R. Schultz reported on the summer school activities and program, a new school mentoring program, enrollment, and planning for the new year. M. Reeder reported on the school board filing period, as well as solicitation of snowplowing quotes. E. Erlandson reported on the quarterly brochure, staffing, clearing of space and redesigned work locations at the Community Education Building, preschool enrollment and the integration of seventh- and eighth-grade sports into the Community Education program. Board heard reports from: MAWSECO and Wright Technical Center.
OLD BUSINESS (approved unanimously)
Board approved the second read of the following policies due to substantive changes: Policy 302 – Superintendent; and Policy 303 – Superintendent Selection.
NEW BUSINESS (approved unanimously)
Board approved the first and only read of the following policies due to non-substantive changes: Policy 306 Administrator Code of Ethics; Policy 307 – Administrative Goals; Policy 401 – Equal Employment Opportunity; Policy 402 – Disability Nondiscrimination Policy; and Policy 522 – Title IX Sex Nondiscrimination Policy, Grievance Procedure and Process. The board also approved the first read of Policy 524 – Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy, due to substantive changes.
The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:47 p.m. The preceding is a summary of the unofficial minutes. The full text of the unofficial minutes is on file in the District Office, 700 Elm Avenue East, Delano, Minnesota and is also available on the school district’s website, The next regular meeting of the Board of Education is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 26, 2022, at Delano City Hall.
/s/Jennie Rosenow, Board of Education Clerk
Published in the Delano Herald Journal, September 30, 2022.|

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