Delano Public Schools Truth in Taxation meeting Monday, Dec. 18

DELANO, MN – The Delano School Board will conduct the annual Truth in Taxation meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, Dec. 18, in the Delano High School media center, followed by approval of the tax levy.

The levy is set to increase $503,067 from $9,365,360 to $9,868,427.

The voter-approved operating levy certified in 2017 is $5,747,974, or $674.01 per student; while the voter-approved operating levy for 2018 will be $5,697, 707, or $655.10 per student, as the balance of the 2007 referendum expired. This compares to the estimated state average for operating referendum of $927 per student.

Other debt service for alternative and capital facility bonds is set to decrease from $315,059 to $232,233.

Other general local tax levies is set to increase from $3,059,117 to $3,641,098, with the largest increase of $360,304 coming from facilities.

Community service is set to increase from $192,684 to $297,389, with the largest increase of $50,880 coming in the area of school-age child.

Beginning June 30, 2016, the district had a fund balance of $70,881,055. Revenues of $36,155,525 and expenditures of $57,778,351 resulted in a fund balance of $49,258,229 June 30, 2017.

That fund balance is set to decrease to $15,337,279 after budgeted revenues of $36,133,812 and budgeted expenditures of $70,054,762.

The board is also set to designate polling places for the 2018 calendar year, changes to the 2016-18 Community Education employee handbook, a memorandum of agreement with Delano custodian and maintenance employees, and approval of the Delano Middle School field trip to Long Lake Conservation Center.


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