Delano Kindred group meets to study history, honors city’s namesake

For the first time in history, Delano Kindred held its annual meeting in a town that bears the family’s name last week.
Members from the Delano family traveled from across the country, from as far as Massachusetts and California, to celebrate their lineage and the legacy of a man who played an important role in not only Delano’s history, but Minnesota’s history as well.
“We’ve never met in any other town by the name of Delano,” said Delano Kindred President, Tom Delano. “Not even Delano, California, or Ohio, or Pennsylvania, or Kentucky, we just never have.”
Delano Kindred is a family lineage organization that was started in 1991, for the purpose of exploring the ancestry and genealogy of their common ancestor, Philippe de Lanoy. Currently the organization has about 250 members.

See the full story in this week’s newspaper.

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