Delano City Council adjusts preliminary tax levy to mitigate tax burden on homeowners

Delano City Council unanimously adopted a resolution at Tuesday’s meeting with one major addition to the preliminary tax levy for the 2023 budget that would mitigate the tax burden on Delano’s homeowners.
During the council’s Aug. 24 work session, Delano Finance Director Brian Bloch projected that the preliminary tax levy would total $4,553,013, an estimated 14% increase from the previous year. The original preliminary tax levy would have increased the city tax rate by 4.1%. Still, at Tuesday’s meeting, Bloch proposed that the city transfer funds from the sanitary sewer fund instead of raising the levy by 14%.
“What we were thinking is maybe instead of increasing our taxes so high, is moving money from the sanitary sewer fund to pay for their portion of the administration and stuff like that,” said Bloch.
Bloch proposed that a total of $350,000 be transferred from the city’s sanitary sewer fund to the general fund for administration and payment in place of taxes. The transfer would decrease the preliminary tax levy by $357,143, reducing the total amount to $4,195,870, an approximately 5.1% increase from the year prior.
“The tax rate would actually be reduced next year,” Bloch added. “Instead of going up 4%, it would go down 4%.”

See the full story in this week’s newspaper.

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