Court of appeals affirms shooting range decision

ST. PAUL, MN – Wright County Planning Commission’s approval of the expansion of the Delano Sportsmen’s Club into Wright County was consistent with the county’s zoning ordinance, the State of Minnesota Court of Appeals affirmed in a decision filed Monday.

On behalf of relators Aaron and Jean Milton, attorney Mark Thieroff, of Siegel Brill, PA, had brought the case against Wright County, Delano Sportsmen’s Club, and Mark Bauman, who had applied for the conditional use permit for the shooting range in Wright County March 8, 2018.

After four public hearings, and receiving a petition signed by 98 residents opposed to the project, the Wright County Planning Commission voted 5-2 to direct the county attorney and staff to draft proposed findings and conditions for approving the CUP application.

The Miltons contended that a shooting range is not permitted under the zoning ordinance because it does not fall under the definition of “commercial outdoor recreation,” which is a use that is conditionally permitted in general agriculture/residential recreational shoreland areas.

For more coverage of this story, see Friday’s edition of the Delano Herald Journal.

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  1. bob says:

    I am just curious. What was there 1st, the shooting range, or the 98 residents?

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