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Delano soccer photo galleries now online

18b orHere are the links to the photo galleries from the 2017 season for the Delano boys and girls soccer teams

Girls Soccer

Boys Soccer

Woman stabbed in Montrose

MONTROSE, MN – A woman was stabbed in Montrose Wednesday evening.

According to the Wright County Sheriff’s Office, at 7:50 p.m., a woman reported she had been stabbed in the 500 block of Nelson Boulevard (Highway 12).

When deputies arrived, they located an adult female outside the house, who was bleeding from the arm. Deputies and emergency personnel rendered aid, and the woman was transported to North Memorial Hospital with noncritical injuries.

A 34-year-old female, identified as an acquaintance of the victim, was taken into custody at the house.

The names of the victim and the suspect have not been released, and the case remains under investigation.

City purchasing business park

DELANO, MN – Four years after establishing utilities in the West Metro Business Park, which has no tenants, the city is purchasing the property for $0 from Delano Industrial Partners, the entity that had been tasked with marketing the property.

“The development group that started the process in 2013 of marketing it has not been successful and had proposed revised terms, which included the city taking over ownership,” City Administrator Phil Kern said.

Kern shared what the development would mean for the city.

“We’d have the ability to sell, negotiate, and make deals with business park tenants,” Kern said. “It provides the ability of the existing property owners to acquire a portion of land sales down the road. This resolution before you tonight, we need to authorize in order to officiall close on this transaction, which should take place late this week or early next week.”

Kern added that a number of interested parties had contacted the city regarding the business park. He told the council he would provide an update on those interested parties shortly.

The council, which had previously discussed the purchase in a closed session, had no further discussion on the matter.

Spirit of Community Commission
Delano Senior Center and Community Services Coordinator Nick Neaton presented about the creation of the Spirit of Community Commission, which the council then approved.

The purpose of the commission will be to promote an atmosphere of mutual understanding and cooperation among all members of the Delano community by building the spirit of community and improving public engagement within the Delano community.

Neaton will serve as the city’s liaison to the commission, along with a school district representative, a Delano Area Chamber of Commerce representative, a representative from the local faith community, and five at-large members.

Why create a commission?

Neaton said it would aim to engage a committed group of citizens in ensuring Delano is a welcoming community; involve citizens in city policies, operations, and practices that are consistent with city values; and demonstrate the city’s commitment to strengthening bonds between citizens, its institutions, and its civic and community groups.

It will focus on four areas of work: welcoming environment – fairness and equality, encourage involvement in community groups and organizations, ensure institutional integrity, and engaging and educating the community.

Duties and responsibilities will include:

• Advising and making recommendations to the city council on community issues related to health, safety, community involvement and the fair and equal treatment of all persons.

• Studying the nature and causes of barriers in the city’s ordinances and community policies, and making recommendations for improvements.

• Fostering through education and public information general awareness and understanding of community relations and city operations.

• Enlisting the cooperation of other government agencies, groups, organizations, and individuals in the community attentive to the spirit of community.

• Assisting in the development of public information and programs aimed at enhancing the quality of life in Delano.

• Engaging residents and businesses through developing or supporting programs, events, and projects that support the commission’s purpose.

• Promoting strong neighborhoods and community connections.

The city’s goal is to advertise for commission members in November and launch the commission, which will meet monthly, in December.

Spirit of Community Commission members will receive the same stipend as other city commission members.

Odds and ends
In other business, the council:

• approved a policy guiding the city and Delano Fire Relief Association through the process of managing sustainable fire relief pension levels. Future pension increases will be paid when the fund reaches a funding level of 115 percent or greater. If the pension fund falls below 115 percent funding, the city contributions will provide a 1 percent pension increase no more than once every other year until the fund can be restored above 115 percent.

• approved an $18,400 reduction of the letter of credit for Willowbrook, Wright Neighborhoods 4th Addition, leaving a balance of $63,442 to cover 115 percent of remaining public improvements for the development.

• approved the purchase of two corner workstations, a conference table, eight stools, and a bookcase for the renovation of city hall’s upstairs conference room, at a cost of $6,232. Of that amount, $5,390 was remaining from a $10,000 budget for alternative office equipment in 2015, with the remainder coming from the general fund operations budget.

Wright County Sheriff issues scam warning

WRIGHT COUNTY, MN – The Wright County Sheriff’s Office has issued a scam warning to retailers throughout the county, stating in a press release that fraud, scams, and identity theft continues to be a growing problem, evident by reports being filed in the county and surrounding communities.

Many people reporting scams to the sheriff’s office have either fallen victim to or have been targeted by scammers. Many other victims do not report becoming a victim of a scam because they may be embarrassed that they fell for a scam in the first place.

Suspects committing these crimes are many times not only outside of Wright County, but outside of the United States, making the investigation into these crimes extremely difficult. Suspects often use untraceable phone numbers and email addresses, and have become more and more creative in covering their tracks.

These scams have many commonalities. One of the most common ways a scammer requests to be paid is via gift cards because they are not easily traced and can be used anywhere, including online. These cards can vary between prepaid debit cards to cards for online merchants such as iTunes, Amazon, and Google. Many victims of scams will often be directed by the suspect to purchase several thousands of dollars worth of gift cards and then send the gift card numbers as payment. The use of gift cards is not just limited to scams but also the most common form of purchase by persons utilizing fraudulent credit cards. Many times suspects utilizing fraudulent or stolen credit cards will purchase large amounts of gift cards using several different cards until one is accepted.

The sheriff’s office is asking all retailers to remain aware of these criminal activities and to report any suspicious activity to the sheriff’s office or local police department. If retail employees notice someone purchasing a large amount of gift cards, they may be dealing with a victim of a scam. Oftentimes, victims are members of the older population. Many of the victims do not realize they are victims until after they have made payment to the suspect and, by then, it is often too late to help them get their money back.

Members of the public should not be afraid to ask questions or call law enforcement if needed. All employees should be given this information and reminded they may be able to help a victim of a scam by simply asking them if their purchase of gift cards is being made willingly or directed by someone else. If an individual feels there may be a victim or a scam in a store and is not comfortable asking them these questions, he or she may call the sheriff’s office or local police department.

The sheriff’s office appreciates the public’s assistance regarding this very important matter.

Conversations about race

Sun Yung Shin and Heid Erdrich spoke about "A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota" during an event Saturday at Delano Public Library.

Sun Yung Shin and Heid Erdrich spoke about “A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota” during an event Saturday at Delano Public Library.

DELANO, MN – What is it like to be a person of color in Minnesota?

As with many things in life, the answer is complicated, and it’s different for each individual.

More than 20 people gathered at the Delano Public Library Oct. 7 to explore the question of race as presented in the book “A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota.”

The conversation was led by the book’s editor, Sun Yung Shin, and one of its contributing authors, Heid Erdrich.

“I feel really grateful to be able to come to your community,” Erdrich said during the event.

Erdrich grew up in Wahpeton, ND and is an Ojibwe enrolled at Turtle Mountain. Yung Shin was born in Seoul, South Korea and was adopted and raised in Chicago.

Both women now live in Minnesota, and are Minnesota Book Award winners.

Yung Shin said the idea for “A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota” came to her a few years ago. The premise of the book is that “race matters, and we need to deal with it.”

The book is a compilation of essays from 16 Minnesota authors of various ethnic backgrounds. Yung Shin said her goal was to create a book that is pleasurable to read, accessible, and also “unsparing” in the truth of people’s stories.

Yung Shin said she personally grew up in a multicultural setting, and when she moved to Minnesota in 1992, it was a culture shock.

“Here, all the teachers, politicians, and anyone with authority was white,” she said. “It was very disorienting for  a long time. I felt very out of place.”

Erdrich, who has Native American roots, was also aware of race growing up. She said contributing to “A Good Time for the Truth” gave her an opportunity to “speak differently than I had in the past” and to open up about her experiences.

It also gave her a way to share “what Minnesota is to people who’ve been here a really long time.”

The Oct. 7 event was sponsored by the Minnesota Book Awards and Delano Friends of the Library.

About the presenters

Yung Shin has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Macalester College and a masters degree in teaching from the University of St. Thomas. According to the Poetry Foundation, she has taught writing at the University of Minnesota, St. Catherine University, and the Loft Literary Center.

Erdrich’s biography states that she is an independent scholar and curator, a playwright, and founding publisher of Wiigwaas Press an Ojibwe language publisher. She teaches the masters of fine arts creative writing program at Augsburg College.

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