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Data breach reported in Wright County

WRIGHT COUNTY, MN – The following news release was issued Wednesday by Wright County officials:

A Wright County employee was found to have transferred private data to his home without authorization and in violation of county policy.

Based upon the investigation conducted by the county, no evidence has been found that indicates there was any sale or distribution of the private data. The data was recovered and returned to the county by law enforcement.

Since government agencies are held to a high standard for data protection, Wright County officials notified individuals because they felt citizens had a right to know this transpired – even though the data is back in the county’s possession.

Employees are required to complete multiple trainings about protecting citizen data annually, and the county has several policies in place.  This unfortunate decision by one individual to not follow policy has triggered this notification effort.

While the policy investigation is complete, a criminal investigation related to this employee’s actions is ongoing.

A company that specializes in data notification has been hired by Wright County to handle notifications and requests. Citizens are asked to use these resources to request further information:

Toll free information line: 866-680-3212.


Address for information:

Wright County Data Incident-6354


Minneapolis, MN 55440-0044

Individuals who did not get a letter from the county did not have data accessed in this incident.

Seven vehicle break-ins reported in Delano area

DELANO, MN – The Wright County Sheriff’s Office received reports of seven vehicle break-ins in the Delano area recently. Five were in the southwest part of the city, off of Wright County Road 16 SE. Two were outside of city limits.

All of the incidents appear to have occurred the evening of Oct. 18, Lt. Matt Treichler said.

“We do believe they are connected, and we are working on a few leads to identify some suspects,” he said.

Most of the vehicles were in driveways, and all had been left unlocked overnight. Credit cards and loose change were stolen. Treichler said the sheriff’s office has determined that the credit cards are being used at various locations in the metro area.

Residents are advised to keep their vehicles locked, and not to leave valuables inside.

PHOTO GALLERY: Wright County Fair 2018

WRIGHT COUNTY, MN – Click here to see photos from the July 2018 Wright County Fair in Howard Lake. 

Select pictures will be printed in the Friday, July 27 edition of the Herald Journal, Enterprise Dispatch, and Delano Herald Journal.

Mid-County Coop purchases Mark’s Service in Waverly

SPONSORED POST – After 43 years and seven months, Mark Karels is retiring as the owner of Mark’s Service in Waverly.

He sold the business – including a car wash, gas station, and convenience store – to Mid-County Coop effective June 21. Mid-County has been serving the Waverly area for many years, and General Manager Bill Reimers said he is looking forward to the coop’s continued community involvement.

Although much of the business is staying the same, customers may notice a few small changes. The new name, for instance, will be Mid-County of Waverly. Also, since the Tesoro brand is being phased out nationwide, the gas station will be rebranded sometime this fall.

“Compliments to Mark for running a good business,” Reimers said. “We plan to continue to operate as Mark did, as a successful convenience store. We’re keeping all the employees, and just building upon Mark’s successes.”

Karels has deep roots in the Waverly area. He grew up three miles south of the city limits, and currently lives in town, right next to his former business.

“Mark Karels has been and is a leader in the community, whether on city council, as fire chief, or as owner of Mark’s,” Waverly Mayor Connie Holmes noted. “You can always count on him to participate in every city event in a big way.”

Karels and his wife, Virginia (who goes by “Giny”), recently purchased 10.3 acres south of Waverly. They’re looking into either remodeling the home  that’s on the property or building a new one. Either way, Karels expects the project will keep him plenty busy for the first couple years of his retirement.

Although he’s excited about retirement, Karels said he will miss many of his customers, and he is grateful for their loyalty over the years.

“It takes customers to keep a business going,” he commented.

For Mid-County Coop, the opportunity to purchase the gas station, car wash, and convenience store in Waverly was an ideal fit. Mid-County already has a bulk fuel business in Waverly, having purchased Padden Oil Company in 2000 and Howard Lake/Waverly Oil in 2003.

“We are happy that [Karels] has sold the station  to such a reputable company,” Holmes noted. “Looking forward, we know that Mid-County will be an equally valued member of the Waverly business community.”

Mid-County Coop is locally owned and operated in Cologne, a community that’s similar to Waverly in many ways. They are both rural with strong agricultural districts, and they are similar in size. The 2016 population estimate was 1,598 for Cologne, and 1,412 for Waverly.

“Waverly is growing quickly, with nearly 80 new homes built in the last two years,” Holmes commented.

In 2019, Waverly will celebrate its 150th anniversary. The community has attracted many residents due to housing, schools, and recreational opportunities.

Mid-County of Waverly can be reached at (763) 658-4662. The business is located at 801 Pacific Ave. (just off Highway 12), and is open Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Mark Karels recently sold Mark’s Service in Waverly to Mid-County Coop. Pictured are: store manager Missie Beckmann, Mid-County Coop General Manager Bill Reimers, Giny Karels, Mark Karels, and Waverly Mayor Connie Holmes.

Mark Karels recently sold Mark’s Service in Waverly to Mid-County Coop. Pictured are: store manager Missie Beckmann, Mid-County Coop General Manager Bill Reimers, Giny Karels, Mark Karels, and Waverly Mayor Connie Holmes.

Woman hurt in Highway 12 accident in Franklin Twp.

WRIGHT COUNTY, MN – One woman was hurt after hitting a tree off of Highway 12 Tuesday afternoon, according to the Minnesota State Patrol.

Ardella Agnes Ostgulen, 88, of Howard Lake was driving a 2007 Pontiac Vibe west on Highway 12 – west of Highway 25 in Franklin Township – at about 2:26 p.m. when her vehicle drifted off the road to the right. The state patrol said her vehicle traveled through cattails and hit a tree.

Ostgulen was transported to North Memorial Medical Center for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. She had been wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash, and the airbag was deployed. The road condition was listed as “dry.”

Location change for tonight’s concert in the park

DELANO, MN – Due to rain in the forecast, Delano’s concert in the park is being moved to the Delano Senior Center tonight. The concert will start at 6:30 p.m.