99 residential lots proposed for property being considered for annexation

DELANO, MN – During its meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Delano City Council will hold a public hearing and consider a request to annex 68 acres at 9254 Co. Rd. 16, where 99 single-family lots have been proposed.

According to a memo for City Planner Alan Brixius, the city has been petitioned to annex the property, a requirement of the city’s comprehensive plan. The applicant’s petition included a site survey, resource inventory, and a conceptual subdivision and development plan.

The site in question falls both in the Delano Extraterritorial Land Use Area and the designation transition area established with Wright County and Franklin Township.

Of the 68 acres, about 33 acres is located over the floodplain or wetland areas, according to Brixius’ memo. The proposed 99 single-family lots are proposed for about 32 acres of the 68-acre site, a density that falls within the guided land-use density range.

If approved, the area would be required to be served by public utilities, which would be the financial responsibility of the developer.

Because the property abuts Wright County Road 16, the county would have review authority over the subdivision. Brixius expressed concern regarding having a single point of access for 99 single-family homes.

Developments within a proposed annexation area are required to include public improvements for parks, trails, and open space consistent with the city’s comprehensive plan and parks and trails plan.

Developments also must not adversely impact environmentally sensitive areas. Brixius said the concept plan protects the floodplain and wetlands.

For coverage of this meeting, see the Friday, Jan. 19, edition of the Delano Herald Journal.


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